Remote Monitoring System


NeuroNet Remote Monitoring System (NNRMS), was developed by Computational Diagnostics, Inc. to be used by neurophysiologists to remotely monitor OR, intensive care unit or diagnostic cases in real-time.  NNRMS is the current integration and implementation of over 20 years of developing telemedicine tools in support of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.  From the early days of direct dial-up hardwire connections to today's wireless availablility of data, CDI has led the field.  The NNRMS seamlessly supports data viewing and archiving through the NeuroNet Systems and Neuro Software Suite.  CDI has always strived to ensure data is able to be viewed remotely for real-time oversight by physicians, regardless of location. 

NNRMS interacts with CDI's Neuro Software Suite to automatically display any case(s) being monitored at any given time. This remote monitoring system enables multiple types of viewing on desktops, netbooks, laptops, and even smartphones. CDI has complemented this system with the NeuroNet Automatic Notification Application to automatically generate an alert to the remote physicians when a new case has begun. Remote monitoring has allowed intraoperative monitoring to transform into a technical service that is affordable and convenient.

This system can also be used to effortlessly review archived data from previous cases.



Desktop Viewer

Laptop Viewer

Netbook Viewer

Smartphone Application

Notification Application

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