NN690 - Desktop Viewer

The NN690 is a desktop viewer designed to accomodate any number of NeuroNet data acquisition systems.  The NN690 is optimized to organize the data for efficient real-time viewing.  The NN690 also provides easy  access and retrieval of archived data from all previously monitored cases.  The NN690's communication capabilities allow direct, simultaneous two-way communications between technologists and physicians.

Selected features:

  • Capable of real-time viewing of multi-case data
  • Facilities for interpretor preferred filtering and scaling
  • Ease in viewing ongoing cases with easy retrieval of previously collected data
  • Communication between the user at the NN690 and the technologist at a NeuroNet system in the operating room, intensive care unit or diagnostic lab
  • System design supports data viewing from anywhere with multiple systems concurrently


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