Academic Publications

Multimedia Mednet: A Medical Collaboration and Consultation System

Simon R, Krieger DN, Znati T, Lofink RM and Sclabassi RJ. "MultiMedia MedNet: A Medical Collaboration and Consultation System." Computer, Vol. 28(5), pp. 65-73, 1995.

 The field of Medicine is a natural application for distributed, collaborative multimedia systems. The data types, manipulations, and user interactions are broad and demanding, since the medical environment involves potentially life-critical decisions and integration of a rich data set.

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NeuroNet: Collaborative Intraoperative Guidance and Control

Sclabassi RJ, Krieger DN, Simon R, Lofink RM, Gross G and DeLauder D. "Neuronet: Collaborative Intraoperative Guidance and Control." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 16 (1), pp. 39-45, 1996.

It has long been appreciated that a patient's physiological status is dynamic and subject to rapid, life-threatening changes during surgery.

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NeuroNet - A Distributed Real-Time System for Monitoring Neurophysiologic Function

Krieger DN, Burk G and Sclabassi RJ. "Neuronet: A distributed real-time system for monitoring neurophysiologic function in the medical environment." Computer, Vol. III, pp. 45-55, 1991.

This article focuses on a specific medical application at the Center for Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Neurophysiological Monitoring - A Tool for Neurosurgery

Sclabassi Rj, Balzer JR, Crammond DJ and Habeych ME. "Neurophysiological Monitoring: A Tool for Neurosurgery." Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques, Brain, edited by Sekhar and Fessler, Thieme, Chapter 3, pp. 50-71, 2006.

This chapter reviews our approach to IOM and summarizes pertinent literature with respect to this developing field. The emphasis is on the simultaneous acquisition of multiple neurophysiological measures.

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