Funded Projects at CDI

NIH R01 EB002309, "Video Compression for Remote Monitoring in Neurosurgery"

Executive Summary: This project developed alternative video compression algorithms which were optimized to provide live video feeds from the neurosurgical operating room.

Ben Franklin Technology Center of Western Pennsylvania, "MedNet: Multi-Media Extensions to NeuroNet", 1993-1995.

Executive Summary: This project developed video and audio extensions to the NeuroNet software to allow for the sharing of video data during surgery with remotely located physicians. Audio tools were developed to provide for both the synchronization of audio and video data streams from the operating theater and for communication by Voice over IP.

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NINDS R41 and R42 NS36888. An Automatic Multichannel EEG Electrode Placement System.. 1997-2002

Executive Summary: This project developed an automated system for placement of high density dry electrodes on subjects' scalps. It also developed a novel screw-in dry electrode which is suitable for long term recording in extreme conditions.

USAMRC W81XWH-05-C-0047 Wireless Data Communication and Energy Delivery to Medical and Non- Medical Devices

Executive Summary: There have been rapid developments of electronic devices to be worn or implanted.  However, providing both wireless information links and electrical power to these devices remains an unsolved problem.

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